Senior Data Engineer

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  • Senior Data Engineer

As a Senior Data Engineer you will be a key factor in developing our data solution. You’ll need to
come up with solutions to complex problems that should maintain performance in scale. You'll be
responsible for driving exciting innovations around data and AI that will help the company grow
faster and wiser.
You’ll work closely with devs, analysts and business stakeholders to automatically generate
predictive models that utilize our collected data and empower our system to make decisions in
As part of the job, you will be a focal point for all things related to data, which includes creating a
tech roadmap for pipe-lines performance, data architecture, managing storage, assessing
performance and budget limitations and much more.
• Taking full ownership of designing, implementing, deploying and maintaining existing and new data
pipelines by using cloud-based tools in a cloud-based infrastructure.
• Work with different stakeholders to design and develop Machine Learning algorithms that optimize
and make an immediate business impact on KPIs.
• Build, test, and deploy custom ML/AI models and algorithms on large datasets, and develop
processes for monitoring and analyzing their performance in production environments.
• Hands-on work on our core data infrastructure, tools and automation.
• Take part in POCs and innovation for new technologies, databases, tools and services that can
significantly push the division goals.
The new employee will report to: Team leader

Требуемые навыки
• 5+ years of hands-on experience as a Software Engineer
• 3+ years of hands-on experience as a Data Engineer
• 2+ years of hands-on experience in Machine Learning and
Data Science
• Intimate familiarity with a variety of ML disciplines and
• Experience with data related cloud-based technologies like
S3, parquet, EMR, AirFlow, Kinesis,
• Previous Python experience
• Excellent business understanding and communication
• Data enthusiast and a team player
Этапы интервью
- Intro conversation with owners;
- HR interview;
- 2 technical interviews- one hour each (instead of a test);
- Job Offer
Условия работы
- Friendly team of professionals and positive atmosphere
with company events;
- Fair and professional management;
- PE (private entrepreneur) free registration
in front of the authorities;
- Full accounting support for PE monthly invoices and
payments. We are paying the PE's monthly Taxes (5%)
and monthly commission;
- Insurance health package (UNIKA);
- Competitive salary.
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