Senior Front End Engineer

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$4 000

  • Senior Front End Engineer
  • Заработная плата: $4 000
  • Компания: HR Network
  • Website:
  • Бонус за релевантного кандидата:

Our company operates at the intersection of finance, real estate and tech and provides real-time multifamily and commercial property valuations and most affordable financing for real estate property owners. We use its proprietary AI technology to analyze unstructured and semi-structured data in financial documents. Additionally, its data platform aggregates hundreds of data-points on every real estate property in the USA. By combining all this data and automation, delivers ultra-fast real estate property performance analysis and valuation. Our software is used by leading insurance companies, banks and hedge funds, as well as small real estate investors.

Требуемые навыки / Checklist
— 4+ years of successful web development experience
— Excellent programming skills, expert in JavaScript (ES5, ES6), CSS/HTML and the React
— Experience with CSS preprocessors e.g. SASS/SCSS
— Experience with React.js and React.js flows (Redux, Flux)
— Experience with tools like Webpack, Gulp, or similar
— Experience with testing frameworks like Jest, or similar
— Experience with high-velocity feature development projects before
— Experience in development of complex apps based on React.js
— Great sense of design and UX
— Experience with Git
— English level Intermediate or higher
— A sense of urgency and ownership over the product

Will be a plus:
— TypeScript
— Data visualization with Echarts, D3.js or similar
— Google Maps API, Mapbox GL JS
— High-bandwidth, high-energy, competitive, and creative individual
— Driven to outperform; dedicated to self-improvement
— Experience with data, analytics and related technologies
— Experience in a remote SCRUM team involving daily meetings, groomings, plannings, etc
Этапы интервью
- Technical interview ( technical test may be offered prior or post interview)
- HR Interview (General intro with HR )
- Job Offer
Условия работы
— Work on product used by worlds largest financial institutions, transforming the US real estate
— Small and highly professional team, daily standups include CTO and CEO
— Remote work and flexible working hours
— In addition to salary, we provide equity in the company

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