Senior JavaScript Developer & Researcher

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  • Senior JavaScript Developer & Researcher

We are looking for a JavaScript expert to catch fraudsters online.
In this role, You’ll research web-oriented attacks on online advertisers by using JavaScript. You will read browsers’ source codes and perform deep JavaScript analysis so we could profile bots.

You should be TOTALLY passionate about:
● Your actions will have an immediate impact on hundreds of millions of users in real-time.
● High scale production environment (several Billion requests & 6 New! TB per day),
Cybersecurity, and Big Data Analysis.
● You should be ready to take Full ownership - by being the architect, designer, and coder of your
project, and should be ready to move fast - deploy to production several times a day affecting
100’s of millions of users

Требуемые навыки / Checklist
Your Profile:
● You have over 5 years of experience working with JavaScript
● Upper Intermediate (verbal and written)
● Real-world security experience is welcomed, including tracking and investigating cyber threats.
● You are experienced with high scale/big data while handling Real-Time and performance

You will work with:
● JavaScript (vanilla, no specific frameworks required, interrogating the most recent features of
browsers to detect fraud)
● SQLs for analyzing billions of transactions per day
● Python and Golang occasionally
Этапы интервью
-2 Tech interviews
- Test Task and HR Interview
Условия работы
Company offers.
- Friendly team of professionals and
positive atmosphere with company
- Fair and professional management;
- Competitive salary;
- Benefits package will be decided by the
management along the way.

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