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Our company operates at the intersection of finance, real estate and tech and provides real-time multifamily and commercial property valuations and most affordable financing for real estate property owners. We use its proprietary AI technology to analyze unstructured and semi-structured data in financial documents. Additionally, its data platform aggregates hundreds of data-points on every real estate property in the USA. By combining all this data and automation, delivers ultra-fast real estate property performance analysis and valuation. Our software is used by leading insurance companies, banks and hedge funds, as well as small real estate investors.

Требуемые навыки
Requirements and preferences:

— Responsible for the maintenance, configuration, and reliable operation of computer systems, network
servers, and virtualization in both windows and linux environment.
— Hands-On knowledge and understanding of AWS infrastructure and services including but not limited to
VPC, IAM, Cloud Formations, EC2, EBS, S3, CloudWatch, AWS CLI and SDKs or API tools, handling security
controls & enforcing compliance requirements with Security Groups, WAF, CloudTrail.
— Health and security monitoring — creating rules, alarms, notifications.
— Thorough knowledge of network technologies with respect to AWS — Active Directory service, VPN-
related services.
— Administration of McAfee ePO server — DLP, Disk Encryption, Firewall, Application Control, Change
Control products.
— Experience with setting up Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment pipelines, in a high availability
— Experience with Application architecture, iterative and test-driven development and software
containerization (Docker, Kubernetes)
— Thorough understanding of High availability and Disaster Recovery principles, patterns, and usage.
Python, Bash Scripting or Perl scripting experience.
— Infrastructure automation using Terraform/CloudFormation/Python/Java.
— PostgreSQL database administration, health checks, tuning, assessments, troubleshooting, and
Experience with and enabling SOC1, SOC2 compliance is a plus.
— Be on call for support, services, and troubleshooting for our application suite.
— A learning mindset to up skill on emerging and new technologies to improve our overall development
Этапы интервью
- Technical interview ( technical test may be offered prior or post interview)
- HR Interview (General intro with HR )
- Job Offer
Условия работы
We Offer

-Work on a product used by the worlds largest financial institutions, transforming the US real
estate industry
-Remote work and flexible working hours
-An opportunity to work from anywhere — we are headquartered in San Francisco with employees
in California, Ukraine, Philippines, and India
-Compensation in USD, good bonuses, equity in the company Business trips to the US
-Great management with no bureaucracy
-Very lean and highly professional team, daily standups include CTO and CEO
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