Аналитика PHP Developer (Wordpress + Shopware)

The study for the vacancy PHP Developer (with Wordpress and Shopware skills) was made
through research within Ukraine. All possible resources were studied: job search websites,
professional network, social media, communities.
We have calculated the median market value for the vacancy. Taking into account the data of
the Internet sources, the average range of salary for Junior PHP Developer in Ukraine is
$1000 - 1500, the average range of salary for Middle PHP Developer is $2000-3200+, the
average range of salary for Senior PHP Developer is $3300-5000+.
These ranges may vary depending on the additional requirements and conditions.
Not all the candidates are mentioning in their CVs or Profiles their professional level,
Wordpress and Shopware skills, therefore we expect to detect more Candidates than stated

Аналитика для PHP в презентации

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