23 декабря 2019 в 14:50 (до 20.06.2020) 139 Киев
  • Кол-во лет опыта: 0-2
  • Какая з/п интересует?: 1500
  • Тэги: Affiliate, Gambling

Manager Sales (5 years)
Affiliate Manager (3 months)
Affiliate Manager (3 months)
Customer Support Team Lead (2 years 3 months)
IT Sales Specialist (3 months)
Customer Support Team Lead (3 years 5 months)
Customer Support Representative (1 year 3 months)
PR Specialist (11 months)
Press Correspondent (4 months)

Gambling, dating and nutra verticals
Experience in launching customer support from "0"
5+ years in managing customer support teams
B2C support in App software development, dating,
gambling, online distribution in USA/ Western Europe /
France / Scandinavia markets
B2B it sales in CIS, DOM TOM and Francophone Africa •
Experience in working with English native speaker
management (Danes)
Knowledge of Affise, Fraudscore, Zendesk products, CRM •
Working experience in Agile software development
Knowledge in affiliate, digital marketing
Working with numbers(not afraid of pivot tables & complex
Excel formulas)
Experience in working with China suppliers
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