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  • UX Design Architect

At our company, we help take successful Companies to the next level with automation and good
systems. We take businesses out of the box by restructuring their business processes and creating software solutions to power and automate them.
Our mission is to leverage process automation and technology to turn small remarkable businesses into highly successful and effective companies — a great place for their employees and customers.

As a UX Designer, you will:
— Design a high-quality architecture of UX solutions for the client’s business. From the beginning (after setting the task by the business analyst) to the setting of the task to programmers.
— UX architecture, as a rule, includes CRM (which will need to be studied) and custom products (you will develop them).
— Accompany the UX solution the entire cycle until the time it is handed over to the client (design, transfer to programmers for development, carry out a design audit after development if you need to make changes).
— Conduct presentations according to your design decision and defend it reasonably, both within the team and in front of the client.

Требуемые скиллы
— Upper-Intermediate English
— 3+ years of Experience
— Ability to work in Figma, Miro
— Logical thinking backed up by experience with the best
solutions in the field of UX design.
— The ability to work quickly and generate creative
solutions that will be subsequently implemented.
— Knowledge of technology, the ability to choose the best
way to build a system architecture.
— Experience with CRM/ERP systems, knowledge of the
basics of databases, cubes will be a plus
Этапы интервью
1. Online test (will take approx. 30 min)
2. Interview
3. Paid assignment

Welcome on board!
Условия работы
— Remote or Office (Kyiv)
— Complete freedom with how you run your operation and
structure your day. There is no set schedule — but do
expect the work to be challenging and tough — and you will
be held accountable for your results.
— Opportunity to work with unusual businesses and learn
how successful entrepreneurs in the US, Canada, and the
The UK have built their companies.
— Strict focus on results-generating activities. You will only
find yourself doing work that benefits the client and makes
a real difference to their business and no pretentious
demos or “order-taker” style requirements collection.
— Seeing results from your work. You will take part in
projects that fundamentally transform organizations and
you will be in it from the start to the beginning.
— Fast-paced and self-responsible environment — we are
mature adults and don’t have a “kindergarten”-like
the environment in our operation.
— Rewards ll for results and accomplishments in the team.
There will a competitive base salary along with financial
bonuses for completing projects successfully.
— Direct and transparent candidate selection process.
Telegram: @rozhoooook
E-mail: hrnetwork.anastasiya.r@gmail.com
Бонус за подбор кандидата
Для рекрутеров 26% от зп кандидата при условии
успешного найма.
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