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05.12. 2019
Magento Backend developer

Freelance(Mykolaiv) 08.2019 — 05.12. 2019
Work on plugin for WordPress;
Fix bugs on the different sites;
Responsibilities included: 
Wrote plugin which has to generate unique
content for sites.

04.03.2019 — 26.07.2019
Trainee Full Stack Developer

Responsibilities included:
Writing simple bash scripts for operation with files in Linux.
Learning PHP(PDO), Laravel,Perl, Vue.js, Angular, Jquery, HTML, css.
Practising in main operation with data (CRUD) with different Databases (Mysql, Psql).
Create class for implementing Active Records(CRUD, PHP).
Testing databases Mysql and Psql for understanding how they work. Comparing queries with
different params, use `explain` for it.
Write simple Soap server “Car Shop”(wsdl)
Write simple Soap client for working with service.
Creating the same project  but use REST technology. Separately on  Html/Js/jQuery - control
panel and separately REST API. Registration and login, watching purchases, impossibility
buying and watching purchase without login. 
Work a little with Laravel, Perl, Node.js, Angular.

Finally work(BOOKER) included:
 To provide a flexible way to book a boardroom for meetings, seminars, training, etc.
 To access the scheduling interface to view availability of boardrooms.
 Create a toggle feature so users can access calendar months with ease.
 Generate and manage error messages.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces 07.2008 —  08.2018
Service on the different positions(as officer)
in the Ukrainian Armed Forces 
Responsibilities included: 
Work organisation of subordinate staff;
Organization of the production process;
Planning and document development;
Organize in order all work which our unit have to do;
Developed prevention plan of emergency situation to our unit;
Has improved protection ability subordinate staff from Nuclear Biological Chemical weapon;
Has increased combat skills of my company it helped to take first position in our unit.

Programming languages: PHP, Perl, NodeJS, JavaScript, HTML/CSS (Bootstrap 4), 
Operating Systems: Windows, Linux
Framework and libraries: Laravel, Jquery, Vue.js, Angular
Development Environments: sublime Text 3, Visual Studio code
Version Control Systems: git
Raster Graphics Editor: Photoshop CS6
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