FullStack Developer

22 Remote

$3 000

  • FullStack Developer
  • Компания: HR Network
  • Website: findhire.top
  • Заработная плата: $3 000
  • Бонус за релевантного кандидата $: 600
  • Тэги: Fullstack, Angular, Node

We partner with https://www.americanwell.com and develop for them many different products focused on telecommunications and, in particular, Remote Medicine.

Этапы интервью
CV Screening
Условия работы
Company was founded in 2007 and today we have offices in
three countries! We are exclusive partners for various
enterprise companies, we do web development on Magento
and mobile app development, as well as integrations with:
cryptocurrency, POS, Payment Gateways, scanning devices.
Требуемые навыки / Checklist
- 3+ years of experience as a Software Developer
- Fundamental understanding of JavaScript;
- Angular, Angular JS;
- Node.js;
- SQL and NoSQL databases;
- English intermediate +
You will work with:

- Design patterns
- TypeScript
- REST API, OpenAPI specification, Swagger
- Bundlers
- Monorepo management tools
- Git
- CI/CD systems

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