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The international company founded in 2008 in Berlin. We specialize in the sale of auto parts and accessories. More than 2 million clients from 27 European countries have chosen us. 4,000 employees work in the company's offices (Ukraine, Moldova and Germany).

Development and support of large European projects
Требуемые навыки / Checklist
● Work experience from 3+ years
● PHP 5.6 / 7+
● Experience with the Laravel framework;
● Experience with FuelPHP
● Experience with MySQL, knowledge in the field of query
optimization, working with large amounts of data and high
access rates;
● Experience with Microservices
● Understanding and applying the principles of OOP, SOLID;
● Understanding and practical experience of using design
● Clean, understandable code and adherence to design
standards is mandatory (PSR);
● Experience with Git and the ability to use it correctly;
● Skill and understanding of team development;
● Ability to work with JIRA;
● English at the level of reading documentation.
Условия работы
- 20 days of paid vacation / year
- 3 days off
- Paid sick leave (if you have a certificate)
- Access to the library with books
- Corporate paid sports activities (yoga, football, basketball,
go-karting, etc.)
- Participation in corporate events, individual birthday
- Free tea, coffee, vitamin days
- Discounts on meals in restaurants - partners of the
company (after the trial period)
- Paid external profile training and professional
- Attending lectures, trainings within the company
- Participation in the drawing of gifts at corporate events
(AirPods, IPhone, trip abroad, etc.)
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