Senior Front End Engineer

124 Remote

$6 000

  • Senior Front End Engineer

The goal of our projects is to build a bridge between business processes and IT solutions, to create a continuous connection between people and cutting edge technologies.

5+ years of hands-on experience with web development;
React hands on experience;
Experience with Typescript;
Experience with GraphQL;
High passion and devotion;
Good team player.

Требуемые навыки / Checklist
Communicate with the team;
Communicate with customer;
Code writing;
Tests scenarios creation;
Code review;
Bug fixing.
Условия работы
What is offered: official employment; paid 20 working days a
year (4 weeks) of annual vacations; compensation for wages
during a sick leave (3 days a year without medical documents,
more days with documents).
Этапы интервью
Recruitment process:
1.Competency-based interview

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