Full-Stack Developer (C++/JS)

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$5 500

  • Full-Stack Developer (C++/JS)
  • Компания: HR Network
  • Website: https://hrnetwork.club/
  • Заработная плата: $5 500
  • Бонус за релевантного кандидата $: 1700
  • Тэги: JavaScript, C++

We are looking for a Full-Stack Developer to join our desktop application development team. In this role, you will develop cross-platform desktop applications for Windows and macOS. You will be responsible for defining, designing, implementing, and maintaining full-stack applications.

We build a powerful solution for streamers, that allows to drive and customize audio routing in the system according to user needs and forward it directly to any streaming software like OBS, Twitch, etc.

The solution combines inside customizable user profiles, the ability to apply different sounds effects, an intuitively understandable interface, and many helpful integrations. Join us to be at the pinnacle of progress and to follow the world's trends!

● Design, implement, and maintain full-stack applications that run on Windows and macOS desktop platforms;
● Leverage native APIs for deep integrations;
● Diagnose and fix bugs and performance bottlenecks so the application feels like a native app;
● Write automated tests to ensure the product is of the highest quality;
● Coordinate with developers, quality engineers, other team
members, and other stakeholders throughout the product life cycle;
● Be a core contributor to several codebases across various projects;
● Collaborate closely across development disciplines to coordinate and drive feature functionality and implementation;
● Promote good team practices, such as regular code review, pair programming, and unit testing;
● Assist the support team using your technical background and experience;
● Reach out to the open source community to encourage and help implement software fixes.
Требуемые навыки / Checklist
● 3,5+ years of professional coding experience;
● Front-end and full-stack development experience;
● Experience implementing UI controls and user interface design;
● Good knowledge of C/C++;
● Knowledges or desire to work with Electron and associated frontend languages (JavaScript, React, CSS, HTML);
● Experience writing unit tests;
● Intermediate + English level (written and spoken).
Условия работы
● Comfortable and flexible working schedule;
● Comfortable office in the old center of the city (Podil);
● Meeting, lounge and sleeping rooms in the office;
● Paid vacations 18 days and sick-leaves 7 working days
(without providing a medical certificate) and 6 working
days (with 50% payment with the provision of a medical
certificate) + 3 working days in the case of covid
● Yoga classes, table tennis and football on-site;
● Customizable business lunches in the office or compensation of medical service;
● Free fruits and sweets, unlimited milk-tea-coffee-oatmeal;
● English language courses with native speakers (online);
● Paid system of attending external and internal seminars;
● Buy the necessary literature (books, technical magazines);
● Corporate discount in Sports life.
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